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Importance of Friendship What would our lives be like without friendship? Friendship surrounds us everyday. Your favorite song or movie may symbolize friendship. In Sharon Creech’s realistic fiction novel, Walk Two Moons, Salamanca Tree Hiddle is trying to find the answers to her mother’s tragic death. Throughout the story many characters exemplify the importance of friendship, including Salamanca, her friend, Phoebe Winterbottom, and Sal’s Gramps. One example of this theme occurs in Chapter 36 when Salamanca is going to the university at Chanting Falls to help Phoebe find answers to her mother’s disappearance. Sal and Phoebe are both very nervous. As Sal thinks, “we stood out like pickles in a pea patch” (234). Salamanca does not like the feeling of being noticed among college students, but will do this to help her friend Phoebe. Another example of this theme occurs in Chapter 26 when Phoebe is staying over at Salamanca’s for the night. The girls are lying in bed, and Phoebe begins to cry. Sal does not comfort her, and instead lets Phoebe cry by herself. Sal reflects, “sometimes you just wanted to be alone with the birds of sadness” (169). Salamanca is giving Phoebe space to let her feelings out. Salamanca understands what Phoebe is going through, since she went through it herself. A third example of this theme occurs in Chapter 41 when Gram has a stroke, and Gramps will not leave her bedside in the hospital. An intern tries to get Gramps to leave the room, since Gram has no idea he’s there. Gramps says, “Sonny, I’ve been by her side for fifty-one years…” (256). Gramps cares for his wife in love and friendship. Even though she is unconscious, Gramps remains a true friend to his wife and stays by her side. Finally, Sharon Creech shows through this theme how important friendship is to everyone. Whether it’s helping a friend with her mother’s

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