Yellow Wallpaper Trapt

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Trapt In the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, tells a story about a young mother who is mentally deteriorating because of her post-partum depression. This women must not do any physical or intellectual activity, she just sits in a room with hideous yellow wall paper and rests. The woman she sees in the wallpaper is trapt and alone, but that is merely her own reflection that she sees. In the story she is staying at a summer house with her husband, newborn baby, and sister in an attempt for her to get some rest and relaxation and to recuperate from her post-partum depression that she is suffering. They basically keep her locked in this room with mustard yellow wall paper with only her and a bed. The women lives with a well intentioned nut sometimes over bearing husband who limits her options and intentionally scraps her ideas and suggestions as if she were a child incapable of making decisions. The narrator is not allowed to see her baby, read, write or do any intellectually or physically straining activities. Out of pure boredom she results to…show more content…
A repressed women with a desire to be free and happy. The relation between when the woman in the wallpaper and the narrator when the woman is behind bars symbolizes the narrator and how she is trapped in this tiny room with a husband who controls her every word and actions. He undermines her in almost every way. For example the narrator says on page 590 “I am afraid, but i don't care- there is something strange about that house-I can feel it, I even said so to John one moonlight evening, but he said what i felt was a drought, and shut the window.” This shows how john undermines her fears as just a simple shiver from the window being open when she is trying to explain how she doesn't like the place because shes
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