Lisa and the Two Sues

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A Case Study of Lisa and the Two Sues James E. Lowery University of the Incarnate Word Abstract The following are two similar case analyses involving three ladies, Lisa, Sue Taylor and Sue Knowles that have different cast. The first case Feature Lisa narrating her side of the story: Lisa talks about herself and the encounter with two strangers as her roommate in the university. The case portrays her as a person who has suffered from poverty and could not make to university due to financial pressures. It shows frustrations of Lisa after she learnt that she was not to be sharing a room in the university with her best friend Jane. She is seen to have received a cold reception from both sues, and they do not want to communicate to her or be associated with her. She is suffering rejection and humiliation when they pack her items in one corner and invite their boyfriends in the room and apparently they start kissing. However, a rude character is seen when she does not introduce her mother when they arrived in the dormitory. Lisa feels unwanted and as an intruder in the room. The second case, which is titled the surprised roommates, is centered on two ladies called Sues Taylor and Sue Knowles. They are devoted friends from high school and are joining the same university. It shows how their roommate Lisa surprised them. First the two roommates are astonished after realizing that they had been given a third person to share the room with whom they were not expecting. Secondary they were shocked by Lisa’s behavior of being so cold, when she failed to greet them when she first entered the room. Also, inviting her friends to have a beer while their boyfriends were in the room was an awkward act from Lisa. Case of Lisa and Two Sues Lisa says that she had passed her high school level, but due to the financial

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