Analysis Of The Cold Equations By Tom Godwin

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As the future emerges, the society depends solely on science and technology. Escalation of logic and science of futuristic nature tend to subdue the concept of expressing emotion. The story The Cold Equations takes place in the future where the world operates based on precise regulations without any room for mistakes or mercy, but subtle sense of emotion is still pronounced. The Cold Equations, Tom Godwin implies an elevation of emotion as the characters desperately attempt to find a way to break away from the harsh reality of the cold equation, revealing humane sentiments intertwined with the community controlled by logic and science. The ruthless law of the Emergency Dispatch Ship pertaining stowaways mechanically insists the pilot, Barton, to…show more content…
Marilyn, who held a strong will to live, steadily accepts the fact that she must be released. The feeling of guilt showers over her as Barton informs her about the reality that her being there influences “the life of not one person but the lives of many.” (6) Her beg for mercy decelerates as she ponders about the seven other people’s lives that have to be sacrificed if she clings for her life. Her will to write her family letters depicts her acceptance towards death and her love she feels towards her family. Before she dies, she is given the opportunity to talk to her brother, Gerry. Both Gerry and Marilyn feel venerable to her death because they don’t have the power to alter the law of science. She convinces him to think of only positive memories of her so that he won’t grieve over her death. As time closes in on her she tells Barton, “ ‘I’m ready,’”(18) finalizing her life with the effort to appear confident. Even after her death, Barton still feels uneasy about Marilyn, displaying an ironic viewpoint towards a stowaway compared to the one from the beginning of the
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