Tom Godwin's Cold Equation

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“I didn’t do anything to die for… I didn’t do anything…” (21) is just one of the many riveting quotes Tom Godwin the author of Cold Equations includes in his story to keep you on the edge of your seat. Tom Godwin has a very definite attitude about technology and its impact on human beings. Throughout the story he has a negative approach to how technology affects human beings. He puts the characters in certain situations with tough conflicts that make the reader sympathize with the characters. He also includes foreshadowing and symbolism in his writing. Godwin has many feelings towards technology, one of them being how one decision could inevitably decide the future. He best shows this through the title, description and through his characters.…show more content…
These characters are Marilyn and Barton. As the story starts, Marilyn is very selfish and demanding. She says “But you can’t--- if you make me leave the ship, I’ll die.” (11) All she does is think about herself and her consequences and nobody else, not even Gerry. Towards the end, she realizes that if she doesn’t choose to take her own life, Barton, herself, and 6 other people from Group 1 will also have to die. She said “I’m ready,” (21) right before she stepped out. This shows that she understands why she has to do what she has to do to save the others. The equation h x m is what they use to determine how much fuel they need for the duration of the flight. Marilyn’s weight is the x factor and one hundred and ten pounds is too much for the already accounted weight. However, Barton also takes a similar path. In the beginning he sympathizes for her and does not want to kick her off, but he must follow the law. At one point he thinks “I knew I would be breaking some kind of a regulation.” Barton really did not want to jettison her, but he couldn’t break the law either. Towards the end, he began to really connect with her and the last thing he wanted to do was kick her out. Barton was devastated after Marilyn left, but it seems like her spirit was present. At the end it says “It seemed, almost, that she still sat, small and bewildered and frightened, on the metal box beside him, her words echoing hauntingly clear in the void she had left behind her”

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