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Cradle to Cradle Design at Herman Miller: Moving Toward Environmental Sustainability Case Analysis Statement of the Problem: Given that PVC, the main material for the arm pads of the Mirra Chair, violated the new design protocol, Herman Miller found a new alternative which is TPU that fits their new design protocol. What should the company do to maintain their customer’s perception while changing the material of Mirra Chair’s arm pads from PVC to TPU? Objectives: * To be able to meet their goal. * To be able to maintain customer’s satisfaction. Areas of Consideration: Environment: using TPU will not destroy the environment. Consumers: conduct surveys and provide some test to the buyers in order to know the customer’s perception. Business Ethics: if the company will continue to use PVC it will affect the environment. Companies have their own ethics and cultures, so they are able to differentiate what is right from wrong. Finance: using TPU they will incur higher cost in the production of Mirra Chairs in which it may affect their operations. Technology: using new materials will mean new ways of manufacturing thereby acquiring new technologies which will incur expense. Alternatives course of action: 1. Test the chair to show the customers that TPU can match or even surpass the PVC in terms of strength and liabilities. 2. Advertise the benefits of TPU over PVC in terms of environmental sustainability. Recommendation: We recommend alternative number 1, test the chair to show the customers about the advantages of TPU over PVC, so that the customers will not change the perception towards the new materials that the company use in the Mirra chair. The main focused of the company is the environmental sustainability that’s why the company change their design named TPU because it is an environmental friendly. Action

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