Heracles vs. Achilles

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It’s no understatement that Heracles and Achilles are well respected names in Greek mythology. While they both would make great modern day heroes, Achilles fought for his own personal glory while Heracles fought for others. Achilles was destined to be an outstanding hero before he was born. The goddess of justice and law predicted Achilles would be stronger than his father. When he was born, his mother held him by the ankles and dipped him into the river of Styx so he could become immortal. His only physical weakness was his heels, which did not touch the water. Achilles’ father, Peleus, sent him to be trained by the centaur Cheiron. There Achilles learned valuable skills of hunting, battling, and healing. He took major risks and had no fear of death. Achilles showed modern day heroic traits of determination and bravery. Achilles was a magnificent warrior, but he had his faults. One of them was his fierce pride. This made him very arrogant. In the Trojan War when King Agamemnon insulted him, Achilles sat out the war. This almost caused the Trojans to lose the war. Achilles did not fight for others. He fought for his own personal glory. When Heracles was born, he was already beginning to outsmart his opponents. His first victory was strangling two evil serpents who tried to kill him as a newborn. This was impressive for a baby only days old. This demonstrated his extraordinary skills of strength and intelligence. While Heracles was growing up, the best masters taught him how to shoot arrows, box, wrestle, and fight in every manner. He was also taught how to read, write, and sing. Heracles represents a modern day hero by being a strong leader and having great mental strength. Heracles, like other modern day heroes, wasn’t flawless. He had an extremely violent temper. He killed his music teacher and his own children. Heracles

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