Heart of Darkness Analysis

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Intro to Literature Dr. Jason Todd 7 November 2013 Darkness of Colonization Jason Conrad’s Heart of Darkness truly revealed the ugly truth of colonization. What allows us to get an even better perspective of what is going on is the fact that instead of telling the story through the eyes of the natives being oppressed and colonized, we see it through the eyes of Marlowe, a man who is working with the colonizers, allowing us to basically see things from the viewpoint of the oppressors themselves. The story being told this way also introduces the idea of “otherness” due to the fact that the colonizers see themselves so much better than the natives they are colonizing. (Achebe) This can easily be seen in the way that they treat them, in the stereotypical assumptions they make about them, and even in the way that they describe them. It may be this delusion of great superiority that causes the colonizers to believe that it is nothing wrong with them forcing their ways upon the natives. Upon interpreting Heart of Darkness, it gives off the message that colonizers in general genuinely believe the civilizations that they colonize are inferior compared to their own society. In the story, a European trade company, referred to throughout the story as “the Company”, pushes their enterprise into Africa creating an imperialistic relationship with the natives. They leave practically no barrier between their business and the society of the native, leading to the inevitable abuse of the inhabitants. However, the excuse of civilizing the natives is used. (Conrad) Here, the foundation is set for the natives to be used in the expansion of there enterprise. The very idea of them attempting to civilize these people in this world so different from their own is only another example of their self-image of superiority. The natives are basically used as slaves and when described,
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