Dbq on Africas Actions and Reactions

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Khailyn Thompson DBQ on Africa’s actions and reactions Spring Break “Shoot”, “Fire”, and “Attack” are just a few commands given by generals when in war. This was kind of the case in Africa however through all wars there is a peace treaty or a warning after and before a war begins or ends. This all came to Africa after the Berlin Conference in 1884 the three decades after was where Africa was attempted to be conquered, is called the “European Scramble for Africa”. A historian would presume that all the African nations and kingdoms would all show a violent resistance to the Europeans. However some Africans acted to the scramble by saying ok to the European demands, succeeding. While other Africans used religion as a reaction to the Europeans trying to take over African land. Other older African tribes reacted to Europeans by using tradition and old ways while some Africans were just to prideful to become a part of the new European ways or society. Even though all of this is true about the different ways Africans acted and reacted to European imperialism: there were still some Africans who did what was expected hold a violent resistance against the Europeans. A no holds barrier type of action was employed by some African tribes. While Africa was being carved up by Europeans there were some who agreed to be peaceful and just let the Europeans have their way. Document 1 made by the Royal Niger Company was just a standard form that was signed by multiple African rulers. This form was basically a peace treaty or an alliance before the Company tried to take over the chief’s land giving the chiefs of tribes a chance not to have bloodshed. Not only was this form to protect the chiefs it was also to show a promise made by the Royal Niger Company not to interfere with native laws. Also the form said that the Royal Niger Company would pay for anything taken in a
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