Dbq Essay of European Scramble for Africa

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During the time of the European scramble for Africa, European countries fought to control the natural resources and colonize Africa. In response to the imperialism of Europeans African actions and reactions involve, diplomatic methods nonviolent and violent resistant. Documents 1, 2, 3 reveal evidence of how some African countries that was oppose to the imperialism of the Europeans deal with it by using diplomatic methods. The Royal Niger company document gives an example of how the British were willing to develop a diplomatic relationship with the chiefs of the African countries. It shows how the Royal Niger Company agrees on paying for the land and to respect native laws (doc 1). This document shows what was the British willing to do to acquire the Niger River delta as well as its surroundings (POV). Yet to have I clear understanding of this agreement a document from an African chief would have been necessary because the document has not proven that it was signed (extra doc.). An Ashanti leader response to the British offer of becoming part of the colonization shows their disagreement to the European imperialism however the leader Prempeh I address his intention of reaming friendly with the British (doc 2 ). It becomes clear the Prempeh I point of view is that his kingdom would ream friends with the Europeans but without becoming part of their colonization (POV). For a better understanding a document of the response of the British queen would have been necessary to prove if their relationship would remain the same (extra doc.). The emperor of the Ethiopia states that his country does not have any reasons to be separate or control by distant powers (doc 3). It is clear that the document shows the emperor disagreement on becoming a European colony, yet it does not states that Ethiopia would fight back with the Europeans (POV). After revising the document it’s

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