The Rise Of Colonialism In Africa

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The Rise of Colonialism in Africa Between 1870 and 1900, Europe set out to colonize Africa for their raw materials. Africa was up against invasions of Europe's military and diplomatic pressures. This did not happen without a fight, and Africans were not happy about this attempt to be colonized. With the exception of Ethiopia and Liveria, Africa had been colonized by Europe by the early twentieth century. Europe wanted to set up and colonize in Africa, mainly because of Africa's raw materials it was purely economic. . (Iweriebor, 2011) The African's did not take kind to this, and it provoked not only African political responses but also diplomatic responses and military resistance. A lot of treaties of protection for the leaders of African societies, states, and empires went out. There was a lot of controversy about these treaties and eventually the military had to step in. For European's this treaty meant that Africans has signed their powers away, but African's seen it as they had a sort of friendly treaty. Africa soon came to realize that this treaty was a fraudulent treaty and organized a military to fight for their land. (Iweriebor, 2011) Africa's military formed two groups one being the guerrilla warfare and the other being the direct military. Smaller decentralized places used the guerrilla warfare the most. Their biggest tactic was using what is called the hit-and-run technique. Direct military was used more with centralized states, and their armies were more professional. (Iweriebor, 2011) The conflict was Europe colonizing Africa for their economic value, and Africa did not agree with this. They used tactics such as trying to create an agreement through a treaty and even resorting in forming two branches of militaries. In the end, even though Africa fought hard for their country the end result was a loss, and this was something that
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