An African Voice

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An African Voice of Ambivalence? 111^Nzinga Mbemba(Afonso I), LETTERS TO THE KING OF PORTUGAL QUESTIONS FOR ANALYSIS 1. What do the letters reveal about King Afonso's attitude toward slavery? was he opposed to the practice in its entirety or only certain aspects of it? Answer: It was definite that the Afonso was against slavery. I think he was definitely more against when his innocent people were taken and stamped by white men. I think he was more lenient on using the captured people as slaves, but not the innocent. 2. What steps has the king taken to deal with the problems caused by the Portuguese? What do the letters suggest about the effectiveness of these steps? Answer: The king has tried to solve the slavery issue by passing a law, but the rest of his solutions seem like they have to do with writing to King Joan for help. The letters ask for help on a different subject in each, so I assume the problems are being taken care of, or they would likely ask again. In the third letter, King Joann's willingness to help is demonstrated: "Your Highness has been kind enough to write to us saying that we should ask in our letters for anything we need, and that we shall be provided with everything..." 3. How would you characterize Afonso's attitude toward the power and authority of the king go Portugal? Does he consider himself inferior to the Portuguese king or his equal? Answer: King Afonso was extremely opposed to the practice. He not only thought that certain aspects of slavery were wrong, but the whole practice itself. We know this because of his statement that " is not our will in these kingdom that there should not be any trade of slaves nor outlet for them." 4. According to King Afonso, what have been the detrimental effects of the Portuguese presence in his kingdom? Answer: He believes that the Portuguese have continued to bring in goods and
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