Assess The Impact Of Colonialism On African Americans In Africa

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Name: James Allam Ejidio Course: African History CHANGES AND FACTORS THAT OCCURRED AFTER THE ARRIVAL OF EUROPEANS IN AFRICA Introduction From the 17th through the 20th centuries, Europeans powers scrambled to divide Africa among themselves in a monumentous colonial movement that left lasting impressions and far-reaching consequences for Africa and the international political stage. Five major impacts of colonialism in Africa were Combat against other African, long lasting racial oppression, widespread poverty, Underdevelopment and Distortion of the traditional organization of African life. Combat against other Africans Most Europeans…show more content…
Africans were forced into new modernization of agricultural technique which was introduced by Europeans. In essence, native Africans had to produce what they don’t consume and what they don’t produce in order to enrich the home country. Food produced by Africans was transported to the home country for profit. Meanwhile, non native whites profited richly from this economic system and native black populations remain in poverty (Korieh & Njoku, P.339-342). Underdevelopment There was several immediately obvious aspect of that underdevelopment that we need to elaborate. Colonialism has its own logical concept on the Europeans and Americans. It was not true that the idea to colonize Africa was the issue to make profits. But their target was human capital associated with slavery. Africans were skilled, knowledgeable and creative individual who manage themselves without outside help. But there was loss of human capital that resulted to one hundreds millions disrupted or terminated lives and more than twelve million people actually transferred to labor in Europe and America. Those Africans taken away left behind old people and small children who were unable to develop

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