Hcs/350 Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication HCS-350 Introduction to Healthcare Communication Effective communication is vital in day to day living. Communication is used in all aspects of life. It is needed in the workplace, at home with family, in schools, and in churches. The ability to communicate effectively impacts one’s life profoundly. It can be the key to having successful relationships both personally and professionally. As a nurse working the health care profession, having a key understanding of health care communication plays a major role in health outcomes. It is also imperative to have knowledge of therapeutic communication theories and principles as well as the relevance of effective personal and professional communication impact on the health care setting. According to The University of Boston (n.d), “Health Communication encompasses the study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that enhance health.” This plays a crucial role in the health care industry as clinical specialist, patients and families must maintain shared communication in order to sustain a positive favorable outcome of all parties. Working towards a common goal requires being able to articulate thoughts and ideas with clarity and conciseness. Members of the interdisciplinary team must be able to explain the plan of care to client in a manner that is understandable; only then can the client make an informed decision regarding what treatment will be in their best option. Patients and health care providers must have a trusting relationship and open communication to enhance the possibility of better outcomes. Members of the healthcare team must have good communication skills to collaborate effectively as they are constantly sharing ideas and providing feedback. In
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