Communication in Health and Social Care Essay

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Communication in health and social care organisation (LO1 –LO4) The communication skill is one very essential skill in the health care settings and it should be always at the highest level in between the health care staff and the one using the service (clients). The health care staff will have to always develop and improve their communication skills and keep a very good relationship with the service user (clients). As a health care staff it is a must to gain and know how to apply the professional communication techniques to create a better communication environment in the care settings. There are many forms of communication skills like for example there is the verbal and non-verbal one and also a few approaches techniques through which we can improve consistently the communication relationship in between the service user and the service providers. For development of a constant good communication in health and social care setting the interpersonal skills play a very important role and it definitely help to the practice of effective health and social care communication. To ensure a good professional communication the care staffs (practitioners) needs to use a multiple of strategies and they need to facilitate positive working environment. The communication in health and social care has a few types of approaches like: humanistic, behavioural, cognitive, psychoanalytical and social care. The humanistic theory is applicable in situations whereby people involve in aspect of self-actualisation, self –esteem, honour, dignity. It reflects that every human beings has the potential to be good, being lovable member of the society and always thinking positively as a civilized individuals or developing human being as long as they receive the required needs. For making sure that each service user will get treated the best humanistic way all the care staff has to get the
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