Hcs 341 Legal Safety And Regulatory Requirements Paper

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Axia/ HCS 341 | Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements | The United States have federal, state, and local laws that help regulate organizational employment practices. These requirements affect human resources and how it operates in the workplace. These regulations are required and necessary for current and future workforce practices. Common sense and compassion may have been replaced by litigation can have an effect on regulations in the process that human services goes through. In 1964 a law passed stating that there is to be no discrimination in the hiring process or in its practices this law was The Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act has three areas that protect people. These three areas are equal opportunity, sexual harassment, and affirmative action. These three play a…show more content…
Many people are aware of their rights and take advantage of those rights when he or she is discriminated against. If the employee or prospect believes that he or she are discriminated against he or she has the right to sue the employer. There several ways of looking for this information other than it posted at the job itself. Jobs have this information visible to employees it is usually posted in a break room. People can look for this information on TV, Internet, and they can always contact a lawyer for more information. The laws and regulations are easier to obtain today than it was probably 10 years ago. In today’s society human resources must be aware of every law and regulations. Human resources should be able to avoid lawsuits that pertain going against ones rights. Human resources need to show that they can take on the normal duties and still work together with employees to ensure that they have a safe environment. Many human resources today solve problems even between employees along with their normal daily
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