Nvq3 Health and Social Care

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...consider how your role fits within your team and also consider how it fits with the rest of the workforce or hospital in hospital in total. In your answer consider both the working relationship and personal relationship and explain 5 differences between them……. My role as a Community Health Care Assistant (HCA) compliments the role of the District Nursing team by relieving them of some of the nursing tasks that are capably done by a less qualified person like the HCA. I feel I work well within the nursing team and I am able to respond to any tasks that are given to me. When it comes to the administrative side of the job, something that has to be done, I feel I am very able to cope with that as well. I am not afraid to ask for help or advice and all the trained staff are always available and willing to help. Updating my knowledge and skills is also an important role of my job along with mandatory training. My working relationships and my personal relationships within and out of the work place are two different things. My working relationship is a professional relationship, which regardless of how people feel about each other need to stay professional. I also respect and listen to the tasks asked by my work colleges as they have a trained knowledge that has given them their qualification. The colour of the uniforms, also indicate the level of qualification that has been gained. A Personal relationship is one that should be kept for off duty times. To a certain extent they should be kept separate whilst at work. It is important for my role to respect all those that I work with and to be respected back. A trained District Nurse takes responsibility for the nursing care given to patients by the HCA and should be aware of the HCA’s capabilities and training. The HCA should feel confident in consulting her District Nurse for advice at any time. All

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