Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Inequality in the Workplace

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Gender, race and ethnicity in the workplace Ethnicity is the common sense of identity that one has based on his cultural heritage. Language and religion are the common forms of shaping ethnicity. Americans have varied types of ethnic groups who celebrate various traditions. People who come to US often modify their ethnicity through changes in language, clothing, food, etc. Gender, ethnicity and race inequalities are the common issues surrounding people in workplace. These issues have been in the society since many generations now. The problem of inequality is that it has become a vital issue in the society today. For understanding the reasons behind inequalities it is essential to understand the factors that cause gender, racial and ethnic inequalities at workplace. Americans have fought hard for equality issues yet, there are more than half of the illiterate people throughout the world who are females. This issues have been shaped by men from generations to generations. Each men has its own different set of thinking about the way he views women. Women have fought for various rights like education, right to vote and career etc. when the government passes the Equal Employment Opportunity Act the aim was to establish equality amongst men and women in workplace. The civil rights laws’ covering this case comes under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, 1964 (Cooper, 2010). This legislation safeguards the employees against discrimination at workplace on the basis of caste, color, creed, gender, origin (Cooper, 2010). The law applies to all employers whether national, state or local. Any company having fifteen or more employees has to adhere to this law. As per this law, a commission called Equal Employment Opportunities Commission has been set up, to protect people against discrimination and impose this as well as other applicable laws. Discrimination at place of work has

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