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Communication Theory Barbara J. Walker HCS/320 7/18/2011 Kristin Thrun INTRODUCTION When working in teams sometimes it can be hard especially when you have one person that doesn’t want to cooperate. It also can be a lot of fun when you get the right kind of people. You may find some people that want to take charge and do all the work instead of working with a team. Then you have the ones that are laid back and don’t care as long as they are working. I enjoy working with a team because you get to meet new people while you are working and it makes the time go by fast. You can laugh, joke and just enjoy yourself. When working on the Assembly line each individual has a certain job to do. You have the Operator,…show more content…
This line moved at a very fast pace and took a lot of team work and communication. One person took the bottles and emptied them into a bin and put the empty box on the conveyer belt, to be used later. One person watched the bottles as they went down the conveyer belt to make sure they were standing upright. Once the bottles reached the filler and were filled they traveled down the conveyer belt to the label machine. One person watched to see that the labels were on correct and that the syrup was not all over the bottle. Once the bottles were labeled they went to the station were the tops were put on them. Then they went to be placed in the box and taped up and sent to the stacker to stack them on the pallet. This line was also a lot of fun and we got as much overtime as we wanted. As long as we all communicated with each other especially, whenever we had to stop because the machines broke…show more content…
We had white, black and Spanish and it was very fun. Nobody tried to act like they were better than the other. We did what we were supposed to do and in a timely matter. The managers and the supervisors were very nice as well, we respected them and they respected us. They made sure that every month we had safety meetings to prevent any injuries to the workers. At the end of the month if there weren’t any accidents they gave us an hour lunch with their treat!! To this day I still keep in touch with some of the workers through face book. Some of the older ones went out on disability for Carpal Tunnel. CONCLUSION Being put in a team to do assignments can be very hard for some people because they may like to work alone. But if you think about it if you work in a team you can get the work done in half the time. It won’t put a strain on you worrying how can you get the work done, knowing you have to work and do other day to day things. As long as you designate who is going to be the leader and do what the leader tells you or ask you to do, the team will be fine. Just think how exciting your paper will be with all the other ideas, they may think of things you had no idea even existed. THE

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