Hamlet's Character Analysis

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The story takes place in Denmark, where the ghost of the king reveals his son Hamlet, who murdered him. As revenge Hamlet looks forward to kill his uncle Claudius (the murderer), the new king of Denmark and make justice by himself. During the play he finishes killing Polonius, the lord chamberlain, and as a result of that his daughter Ophelia commits suicide. After that he kills the king and designs Fortinbras to replace his father as a king. Hamlet: This character is the protagonist of the story. Hamlet is the king’s and Gertrude’s son. They are the king and the queen of Denmark. His job in the play is to look for justice about the murder of his father. He decides to act as crazy to take revenge about it. What he says and thinks let the reader discover how curious, obedient and good son he is. His acts let the reader see the same qualities, but this time it can be added his look for justice and his good values and high education level. This character has a lot of dynamic changes through the play. It can be seen that his first reaction was to take revenge immediately after knowing from his father that his uncle murdered him. Right after that his father asks him not to take revenge so he does not do it. This change can be because he is obedient to his father even though he is not alive anymore. Then he decides to give indirect messages to his uncle by making up a play in the palace. The reason about this is because before doing something Hamlet wants to makes sure that he is right and not judging his uncle and mother in the wrong way. After that he judges his mother and decides to kill Polonius in a desperate situation. This change occurs because he was not conscious about himself, taking into account that minutes ago he discovered the truth about his father’s murder. Finally he takes revenge and kills the king. This change occurred because at this point

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