Hamlet Or Amleth

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Amleth versus Hamlet Hamlet is a classic story written by one of the biggest authors in history, William Shakespeare. But it is interesting to know that Hamlet is based off a story written by Saxo Grammaticus titled Historia Danica. Even though both stories have a number of comparisons, there are also many differences. However, when choosing which storyline is better, the latter one wins. Hamlet has moments which catapult it to extraordinary drama, making readers, like myself, more eager to read along. Because of this, I would say that Hamlet is more dramatic and more entertaining then Saxo’s version, Amleth. First I will explain the similarities in both stories. In both Amleth and Hamlet, the characters are all the same, excluding their names. There is Amleth/Hamlet’s dead father, the brother who killed his father and becomes king, the mother who married Amleth/Hamlet’s uncle. There is also the plan to kill his uncle, and the murder of the person behind the curtain in his mother’s bedroom. Also his uncle, now the king, also decides to send Amleth/Hamlet to England, so the King of England will kill him. The king sends two servants to accompany Amleth/Hamlet to England, but they both know the intentions of the trip, but Amleth/Hamlet end up eventually, with much plotting, having both the servants killed. And the last similarity, though not in exact description, is Amleth/Hamlet killing his uncle, the king. Now that you know the similarities, let’s move on to the differences. The first difference between the two stories is that in Hamlet, Hamlet sees the ghost of his dead father, and tells Hamlet that his uncle, who is now king, was the one who killed him. He also orders him to seek the revenge of his murder and to kill his uncle. Hamlet obviously agrees to this and sets out to follow the ghost’s demands. In the Saxo version, Amleth finds out himself that his

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