Similarities Between Macbeth And Dracula

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Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair Mrs. McGuinness Wednesday Dec 12th 2012 ENG3U1a Stephanie Clue In Dracula (1897), Bram Stoker shows how the battle between Good and Evil can shape one’s character and how one looks at the world. When Jonathan finds out that Dracula has been feeding from his wife, he and a small group of men set out to destroy him. However, in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1606), Macbeth kills the king in order to gain power and prestige. As a result of his crime, Macbeth becomes more and more paranoid and distrustful of everyone around him, thus resulting in his eventual death. While nearly three hundred years separate these two pieces of literature, both explore how the hunger for power can destroy lives and entire nations.…show more content…
Dracula seems to be driven by just pure Evil, while it seems that Macbeth is driven by the desire to be Evil. In the novel, it is very clear that Dracula doesn’t care about anybody but himself and he could care less about the people that he destroys. Jonathan finds out that Dracula has three women living with him in the castle. He had turned these women into vampires simply because he liked them and he wanted them with him. In the book, he turns Lucy Westenra, a poor, innocent young woman who had done absolutely nothing to him into a vampire to get back at Jonathan for wounding his pride “What manner of man is this, or what manner of creature is it in the semblance of man” (Dracula 49). This hints at what Dracula is and at his evil nature. In Macbeth, however, the evil in Macbeth’s character isn’t quite so apparent at first. The evil in his nature, his inner beast, takes longer to show itself. As the play goes on, Macbeth begins to care less and less about who he kills and just starts killing all of the Thanes around him because he thinks that they are going to kill him. His life starts to fall apart and he goes to see the three witches for a second time. Macbeth even turns on his best friend, Banquo because he remembers the witches saying that Banquo’s children will someday hold the Scottish throne “Then prophet-like they hail’d him father to a line of Kings: Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown” (Macbeth Act 3 63-65). This proves that Macbeth no longer cares about the people who have been his friends and trusted allies for many years. All he now cares about is

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