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Hamlet and Simba Disney’s The Lion King placed a children’s façade on a very serious story of responsibility and revenge. However it’s based on one of the oldest plays in history The Tragedy of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. The basic character prototypes are obscured; the storyline is shortened for kids. But with a closer scrutiny of the characters themselves and the storylines, the readers can see just how ostensive these similarities are. because of experiencing similar situations, Hamlet and Simba react quite similarly to the circle of life, the presence of an evil uncle, and a visit from a ghost. One of the similarities is circle of life. In both Hamlet and The Lion King, they talk about circle of life. In The Tragedy of Hamlet, Hamlet answers king Claudius upon asking a question where is the dead body of Polonius, Hamlet explains how man dies, warms eats the man, fish eats the worms, and a new man eats the fish. correspondingly Mufasa tells Simba when a lion dies the lion turns into grass, the antelope eats the grass, and a new lion eats the antelope. Another similarity in both pieces The Tragedy of Hamlet and The Lion King, the ghost of the father comes in the play. In Hamlet, king Hamlet comes to prince Hamlet and tells him that the rightful heir is not on the throne. In The Lion King, Mufasa's ghost comes to Simba and tells him the exact same thing. In both cases the dead fathers tell their sons that something is amiss. also both of the ghost told their sons to remember. Both sons seek to claim their rightful places after some nudging from their fathers and best friends ( Horatio and Nala, who endorse that Hamlet and Simba are the equitable kings). At the final scenes, the evil uncles attempt to follow through with killing their nephews. In Hamlet, Claudius attempts to

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