Hamlet vs the Lion King

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Hishaam Baig Ms. DiFede ENG4U1 Monday, July 23rd, 2012 Comparison of Hamlet and The Lion King In the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare and the film The Lion King produced by Don Hahn, the powerful theme revenge is used to add substance to both plots. Revenge, which is often frowned upon is put into the spotlight in both works and is a large part of both plots. The theme of revenge is evident in both Hamlet and The Lion King, and will be shown through the similarities of theme, character, and situation in both works. The theme of revenge is present in Hamlet, through the revenge that is shown by Hamlet, who wants to avenge his father’s death and kill Claudius the murderer of his father. Hamlet’s father’s ghost drives the whole plot by telling Hamlet that he must go for revenge against Claudius and avenge his death. This kick starts the plot and sets the theme of revenge. He also puts pressure on Hamlet to get revenge by telling him that if he ever loved him he would take revenge on Claudius. Hamlet’s main theme is revenge because there are many different plots within the play centered on revenge, Hamlets revenge on Claudius, and Laertes’s revenge on Hamlet for killing his father Polonius are just two examples of the theme of revenge. In The Lion King the theme of revenge is shown through the actions of Simba who returns to defeat Scar and avenge his father’s death by taking revenge on Scar. The theme of revenge is also a driving factor of the plot in the film as it initiates Simba's return. Simba is also visited by his father’s ghost who establishes the theme and desire for revenge in Simba, and presents it as a theme in the film. The characters in The Lion King and Hamlet are erringly similar to each other but Hamlet and Simba posses the most similarities. In Hamlet, Hamlet is the protagonist of the story and is unaware of how his
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