Essay On The Difference Between Hamlet And The Lion King

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Regardless of the amount of education obtained, the name Shakespeare rings familiar to many people in today’s society. However, what most people don’t realize is that Shakespeare’s stories are still being told today. Walt Disney is a prime example of someone who used symbols and themes in the story of the Lion King that are strikingly similar to those used by Shakespeare in the play, Hamlet. Prominent themes in the play Hamlet that compare to the Lion King include the need for power, the impact of death, the irony of deception, the need for friendships, and the importance of loyalty. In each of these stories, the main character is born as an heir to the throne. Both Mufasa and Hamlet 1 are highly loved and respected by their off springs. As a result, the birth of Simba and Hamlet II causes jealousy and bitterness among the brothers, Scar and Claudius. Scar and…show more content…
In both Hamlet and the Lion King, Simba and Hamlet are the cause of their father’s death. Unlike Simba, Hamlet was not present at the time of his father’s death; However, the jealousy of Claudius and Scar towards the heirs to the kingdom spurred their decisions to commit murder. The murder of their fathers killed Simba and Prince Hamlet so emotionally that each of these characters just wanted to escape everyone and be alone. The death of their fathers was, in a way, a death to both Simba’s and Prince Hamlet’s spirit. Both characters had such a connection to their father, which is why they were able to see the deception and trickery behind the murder of the two rulers. In Hamlet, it was the ghost of King Hamlet who revealed his murder to Prince Hamlet. In the Lion King, Mufasa also appears to Simba in the form of a ghost to give him insight on how to save the kingdom. The death of Scar and Claudius are both ironic. Both of the villains die in the way they killed their brothers. It is also ironic because both Scar and Claudius are betrayed

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