Liam O Flaherty's The Sniper

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Liam O’Flaherty’s “The Sniper,” conveys the distressed images of a sniper during the civil war, on a dark June night, in Dublin, Ireland. The author’s effective use of setting, imagery and characterization suggests that war creates chaos and turns brothers into enemies. Nothing good comes out of a war, and morally nobody wins. The main character, a sniper, lies beneath the support that war not only demoralizes human beings to simple objects, but has no boundaries, and turns one brother against another. O’Flaherty best illustrates the pandemonium of a war through the climatic ending of the story. When the sniper discovers he has killed his brother. The objectification of combatants and civilians is clearly showed in O’Flaherty’s story about…show more content…
Anything and everything will be left on the line to be fought over. In most cases, whoever is standing last will tend to be victorious; temporally to say the least. However, for the sniper, being dead will be just as much as a victory than for being alive. The very end of O’Flaherty’s story displays a nail biting scene between the sniper and the un-named enemy trying to take the life of one another. By using strategy, the sniper figures out a way to fool the enemy and kills him. Saving his life by taking out another, felt so bad. With guilt, and loss of lust for the war, the sniper became curious of the identity he had killed. The climax of the whole story happens at the very end when the sniper finds out he killed his own brother. Though, the story’s ending is ironic due to the sniper recognizing that the enemy killed was his brother. The greater irony is that all the sniper’s enemies of the Free State happen to be his brothers, for they were all once together as one army. In a deeper perspective, all men are brothers being that they are descendants of Adam and Eve. O’Flaherty uses symbolism in regards to the sniper and his brother to any war where one person killed another. It illustrates how despicable the human race can be when one member of it takes the life of

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