Three Day Road

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In the novel Three Day Road, Elijah Weesageechak and his best friend Xavier Bird, two Cree aboriginals, fight as a sniper team in WW1. Elijah becomes corrupted by the war which leads to his ultimate demise. The war transforms Elijah into an emotionless killing machine. His transformation was due to the loss of his identity, his quest for fame through war, and the use of morphine to escape reality. In the beginning, when Elijah joined the army he quickly wanted to fit in with the other soldiers. Since he was raised in a residential school and had a natural talent for language, he quickly mastered English. Elijah then chose to use a British accent when among the other soldiers. “Dear Henry,” Elijah says using their code, “would you be a kind chap and make me a cup of tea?” (144). Elijah decided not to speak Cree when around his peers. Instead, he dropped his Cree accent and adopted a British one, to better blend in among the other soldiers. This was Elijah’s first step in losing his identity. After Elijah became familiar with the other soldiers, he was chosen to be part of a raid by Corporal Thompson. During the raid, Elijah and Xavier threw mills bombs into a German trench, killing the people inside. When Elijah returned to the Canadian trench, he was asked by Corporal Thompson if he enjoyed the last mission. Elijah furthered himself from Xavier with the reply “It’s in my blood” (75). Elijah has gone against the traditional Cree ways he was taught by Xavier and Niska. Instead, he has chosen to embrace war and killing; but in the process it changed who he was. As a result, Elijah only cares about war and his reputation as a deadly sniper. For example, to further prove his greatest as a soldier, Elijah begins to collect scalps as trophies. “And what will collecting these trophies do for me?” Elijah Asks. “They will buy you honor among us”
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