The Themes & Conflicts Between “the Sniper” & “Strike Back”

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Hong Kong Baptist University College of International Education RCS 0031 Literary Appreciation Term Paper Outline Name:So Long Hei (King Kong) Student ID:11673923 Story A: “The Sniper” by Liam O’ Flaherty Story B: “Strike Back”by Chris Ryan Introduction: I’ll talk about the brief background of two stories and talk about what I focus(conflicts + themes). Both of them is about human in war, I want briefly to talk about which is similar and different. Thesis statement: “The Sniper” or “Strike Back” is a story of war, If you are a soldier, there are some facts is hard to face. Life is a war, everyone can’t escape it, you want to survive that you need to face and fix those facts. No matter “The Sniper” or “Strike Back”, they are telling one thing, If you want to survive, you may play with the rules. Body: Paragraphs 1: Topic Sentence: A risk can make you better or worse, would you love to take it? (Internal Conflict) (Different result of two characters) “The Sniper”:(worse) The Republican sniper take a risk to smoke then his position expose. “Strike Back”(better) John Potter take a risk to join a hard mission then he is back to MI6. Paragraphs 2: Topic Sentence: You friend cannot be your friend forever. Interest is a thing which is stay with you before you die. (Nature Conflict)(similar) “The Sniper”: The Republican sniper need to survive and Republican need to win, he kills his brother, although he know that after he killed. “Strike Back” Hugh Collinson who is the team member of John Potter team in 2003, they are taking a mission to rescue the hostages. John let the child who is opposite and bind with a bomb. John takes the hostage to the rooftop to wait for the helicopter. The others team members is back including Hugh, he kills the other member carelessly. But he talks to his boss and John, they are killed by the child who is John let go. So John

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