Lion King vs. Hamlet

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Laquanda Gadson October 2, 2012 Final Draft Comparison and Contrast Essay “In peace the sons bury their father, but in war the fathers bury their son” once said Herodotus. In this case it’s neither, it was all greed and jealousy that led these two families to go against the grain. Disney’s The Lion King is parallel to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. They are alike and different in more ways than you can imagine. The main characters are both the sons of monarchs, so they are princes, Simba and Hamlet. But it isn't just the protagonists that allude to one another; the villains in both The Lion King and Hamlet can be directly and similarly compared to one another. Both Scar, from “The Lion King” and Claudius, from “Hamlet” are brothers of the king. They are jealous of their brother’s power and plot to take them out and take their heir. They however succeeded in killing their own flesh and blood and took over their throne. In both films the deceased kings come via apparition and communicate with their sons. The sons then get revenge for their father and kill their uncle. Each character parallel to another character from each film : King Hamlet Sr.- Mufasa, Hamlet Jr.- Simba, Claudius - Scar, Nala – Ophelia, Gertrude –Sarabi and last but not least Rosencrantz & Guildenstern – Timon & Pumba. The two movies differ in a lot of ways too. For one in The Lion King is about lions. In Hamlet is about humans, that is a big difference. When the fathers are murdered Hamlet attempts to validate his suspicions while Simba hides from his past. When Mufasa visit Simba through apparition he is a spirit in the sky and tells him it’s “One True King”. That motivated him to go take back what was his, but didn’t reveal who killed him. In Hamlet on the other hand Hamlet Sr. visited Hamlet Jr. as a ghost and revealed that Claudius, his brother and Hamlet Jr. uncle killed him and to seek

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