Hamlet Speech Essay

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Hamlet Speech There is a reason why Hamlet has been studied for over 400 years and is seen as one of the best known and quoted plays. I am Jason Mu and I will be telling you the reason why. It was written by William Shakespeare, who is one of the greatest playwrights of all time. This classic text is about a man named Hamlet who is the son of a deceased king and his uncle, Claudius, who has taken the throne and married his mother Gertrude. The plot reveals that Hamlet’s father has been murdered by Claudius, which in turn has caused Hamlet to resent him and therefore wanting to avenge his father, that is why this text is called a revenge tragedy. The main reason why this text is still studied today and will continue to be studied in the future is because this play outlines many themes and ideas that are still seen as important in today’s society. Honour is a major theme expressed in this play having revenge also tied along with it. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark and is heir to the throne which means he must have a sense of honour considering the weight of this position. Claudius on the other hand has decided to take his position on the throne by marrying Gertrude in the short time span since the king’s death which is seen as a dishonourable act by Hamlet. We can see that Hamlet does not just want to kill Claudius for his own satisfaction but also for the sake of honour. He wants to redeem his father as he has been told that Claudius has killed him using a cowardly method, the poison in the ear, and during the time in that era it was seen as a cowardly tactic and therefore dishonourable. Laertes also seeks vengeance on Hamlet for his own father as well going as far as doing a dishonourable act of poisoning his sword in what is supposedly a friendly fencing match. Even today honour still matters a great deal, being honest, doing what you believe is right and
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