Michele Learns That Justice And Compassion Are Mor

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Michele learns that justice and compassion are more important than material possessions In our world many people decide to do the something just decide by their mind, they don’t care about other people’s feeling. In the novel “I’m not scared”, there were many veligers they kidnapped a boy whose name is Filippo, he just 9 years old, they just leave him in a hole. There is a son of the veligers whose name is Michele, to help Filippo to run away from the hole. In Michele’s mind , that justice and compassion are more important than material. The material possession will make people lose their mind, to let people become crazy, and then will take them down. At the novel page 127, Michele’s father said, “two ears, we'll cut off. Two!” his father was going to crazy, that all because the material possessions, Michele has know his father was a kidnapper just now. Then, with the compassion and material possessions he did choose the pity to be his way, which helped him to make choose to save Filippo when Filippo has got in to trouble. Michele has tried to save Filippo out of the hole that because the villagers become mind, and he was the only one who still has clear mind. At the end of novel, Papa picked up a box of matches and showed it around. ‘Right. Let’s play a game. Do you know the soldier’s draw?’ Michele’s father has got an idea that because they decide to kill Filippo and just need one man to do it and that will help others get in to the safe place. Michele’s mind was fight in his heart, family with friend, family with justice, family with compassion, and friend with friend. Anyway the fair and commiserate are the final way he does chose, because in his mind the justice and compassion’s value are more than family that because he has a hero that called Tiger Jack to show him how to do. Justice and compassion beat the family, and friend beat his family. That’s the

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