H&S Level 3 Unit 2

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P3-abrar alsharifi Describe discriminatory practice in HSC Discriminatory practice is when people give negative comments on other people. This can be about their skin colour, religion, culture and the way they dress or disability. There are two types of discrimination. The first one is when it’s not harmful the second one is when it can harm peoples health and feelings. A non-harmful discrimination is for example, when you don’t like a certain food like pasta. This is not going to hurt any people’s health as it is a small difference between people. A harmful discrimination is when you want to employ only white-British people and not black-british people or other people from other countries. This is harmful as it will be against the rights of those people because everyone can be employed for work whether they have different skin colour or different backgrounds. These harmful discriminations are taking place in a variety of places and countries and are not tolerable as it can affect people’s health. My name is David Grace. I’m a 37 year old black-British man. I was born and raised in England. I’ve been looking for a job lately to maintain my finance matters. When I finally found the job I wanted, I applied immediately and after waiting for a reply from the applied job I had received a letter saying that I am not fit for the job even though my CV was about perfect. Afterwards, I decided to go to the workplace of the job that rejected me to know the reason why I wasn’t taken for the job. When I arrived at the company I was feeling uneasy as all the workers there were white which wasn’t a problem for a black man like me but they were giving looks which told me that I wasn’t welcome here. I went to one of the receptionists to ask them to have a talk with their manager which I was not allowed to do by the receptionist. Luckily, I saw a man coming out of one of the
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