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DH walks out of his office, comes over to my area and calls over RS. He begins the conversation and proceeds to tell us that "... YOU (BE) has requested so-called Teleworking Reports from everyone who teleworks at any given time on a daily basis" as told to him by DT." The tone of his initial statements is not pleasant and/or very professional… I'm paraphrasing at this point... He continues by saying that the request is stemming from a few things, but YOUR request: 1. Is a backlash from the unscheduled telework/unscheduled annual leave that was issued to all federal employees during the snow almost 2 weeks ago. 2. Is a result of DT email that was forwarded to us last week; and in the email DR. Thompson mentioned telework report; and…show more content…
At that point he became agitated and upset that I would question his authority, since he is the supervisor. Well, at that point I continued to comment and said, "... well it sounds like someone is not telling the truth..." “Why would a person in BE position request telework reports stemming from something as simple as unscheduled telework during a snow day? Does Brad have time to spend on something that is so frivolous and small in his position... wow?!” I doubt it! I told him that my theory is that you are trying to cover for DRT for whatever reason, and that AGAIN, you want us to do your job, by providing your with "admin crap" to do; and at the same time provide DT with "admin crap" to do because neither of you want to and/or know how to do anything else... and are trying to cover for the fact that you were hired off of the street with less than 7 months total federal government nor one day of formal government contracting service... yet he was hired and interviewed by D (who shouldn't be in the job, because he's ineffective...)... and R; and by trying to help him... you are covering yourself because you are hired and are still on a 12 month probation until June

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