African American Diary

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Day 1:Friday 27th.July,1990. I could not sleep and decided to log the horrific events I had to experience today along with the rest of Trinidad and Tobago. Today was definitely strange and sad. I started my day with my husband, where opened our fabric store that is located on Frederick Street. On Fridays we close our store according to the flow of customers and because it was close to a month- end, there was a steady flow of customers. Many were purchasing fabrics to make dresses for next month’s Emancipation and Independence Day celebrations. My husband stood behind the counter doing the cashing, while his eyes was glued the parliamentary episode on TTT. He would always watch it to be informed. I was not really interested, because they upset…show more content…
I quickly tuned into radio 610 was taken over too. We heard that the house of representatives and members of parliament, including Mr. Robinson was invaded with an armed assault. Before the police headquarters was set a fire, the lone security police man was shot to death. There were reports of widespread looting and fires downturn. My husband and I feared for our small fabric store, as this was our means of survival. There were total unrest in the nation’s capital as mostly supermarkets were heavily raided. Reports continued to leak that the Prime Minister was shot in his leg and a female clerk was shot in the head by a stray bullet in the head. This was heard around 8:45. At 10:30 pm the nightly news came on air and “Bakr” reappeared on the television set. He told Dominic Kalipersad, TTT news presenter, “Tell them I’m the leader of the Revolution”. He went on further to tell the story of a dying soldier. I felt no sympathy at that moment, but scared and angry. He said that he was getting rid of V.A.T; I guess he was trying to win over the support of the people. He also announced that there was going to be a new general election in 90 days. He assured viewers that “it was the will of Allah”. I have not slept in the last five hours. It’s about midnight and I am not looking forward for Saturday

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