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Alexis Rognholt Hour 6 Tommy Boy Tommy boy isn’t your average stereotype salesman you think of; in fact if I saw him on the street I wouldn’t believe him to be one at all. As you go through the movie you see Tommy fail in each sale after sale. An ineffective way he uses in selling is that he takes no for an answer easily, in our unit I don’t recall ever learning to just say okay and walk away if someone says no to you. When trying to sell an item, you need to approach them prepared and confident, if you aren’t convinced that what you are selling is the best out there, how are you supposed to convince the customer? They won’t be convinced as you see throughout the movie. As a seller of your product you need to know the information on the past and present about your product, which Tommy failed to do so. You need statistics and smooth words to make the customer fascinated with the idea of having this product. Another way Tommy was ineffective in selling was he was very unprepared, being unprepared and taking an “easy no” go hand in hand. If you are unprepared, BE prepared for that no that you are bound to receive. When someone is unprepared like tommy they basically just lie their way out of it to make it sound like they really know what they are talking about when they really have no clue. Tommy was very unprepared in this movie when trying to sell brake pads especially. Unpreparedness makes a very stressful situation and can cause things to go badly and the product be much more difficult to sell. As the movie goes on, you notice Tommy has a goofy outgoing funny personality. Having a personality like that in selling is HUGE, I mean like BIG BEN huge. You are much better off with that type of personality because you can usually talk to anyone at any moment. For example, on the Chicago trip at the “all saints” store we had to try and sell one item to the employee,

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