Communication and Personality Negotiation Paper

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Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper Darrell Dansby MGT/445 February 9, 2012 Janel Carr Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper Negotiation is something that is used every day. The negotiation process starts at a very young age. People negotiation with their parents for new clothes, staying up late, or just hanging out with friends just to get what he or she wants. How the child communicates with the parents will determine if the negotiation is successful. Personality is also a factor in how negotiation goes. This paper will analyze the communication and personality in negotiations. The use of language in the negotiation process has two levels the logical and pragmatic levels. “The meaning conveyed by a proposition or statement is a combination of one logical surface message and several pragmatic (i.e., hinted or inferred messages). In other words, it is not only what is said and how it is said that matters but also what additional, veiled, or subsurface information is intended, conveyed, or perceived in reception” Lewicki, Sanders, & Barry, 2006). Negotiating for a pay increase When I was employed at Sodexho, I had to negotiate for a pay increase. My duties had increased but not my pay. Since I had never negotiated for a pay increase I need needed some help. First, I went to talk to my supervisor to see if negotiate for me but he never got around to taking care of it for me. Since the general manager use to be the manager of the department, I went directly to him for the increase. He informed me that I had to write a formal request. Communications in Negotiations Communication sets the tone for negotiations. Since my communication would depend on how well I could put my request into writing I again need some help. I went to a manager from another department to get advice. After getting the advice, I felt

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