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Gun Control: An Unrealistic Deterrent “Give me your wallet and jewelry and nobody gets hurt!” A mugger has just thrust a gun into your face. At this point you have two options. First, comply with the mugger in the hopes that he will not shoot you. Second, distract the mugger while you draw your weapon and defend yourself. Alas, you are a devout gun control supporter and do not have any means of which to defend yourself from such an attack. How can this be that a criminal is carrying a gun when the new gun control laws are in effect? The answer is quite simple: Criminals do not follow the law! Gun control is not an effective means of curbing gun-related violence. The only people that benefit from gun control are the criminal element.…show more content…
Everyone hears the stories of school shootings, mall mayhem, movie theater massacres, and everyday drive-by shootings that are hyped by the media outlets. These are only a drop in the bucket compared to the crimes where other weapons are used. However, the media seems to only mention these other crimes without much coverage. Every year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations puts out a report on crime statistics based on information collected from law enforcement agencies across the nation. These reports are available to any person or group wishing to view the statistics. This is where gun control groups get their information to use and try to persuade people to join the anti-gun movement. While the numbers they use in their propaganda are true, they are only using a certain section of numbers instead of the overall…show more content…
These laws have been in place for decades as a result of relentless lobbying by the gun control groups. In an effort to curb the use of full-automatic, suppressed, and short-barreled firearms, the National Firearms Act of 1934 was enacted by the federal government (BATFE). This Act consisted of a number of steps and licenses a person or business must perform and apply for in order to legally engage in transactions of firearms and accessories of these types. This was acceptable to the gun control lobby on the premise that it would deter gun violence. Background checks are also mandated by law for anyone purchasing a gun of any type. Depending on the type of gun and the area where it is purchased, this background check can take anywhere from a few minutes, up to six weeks, or even longer. This mandate was also accepted by the gun control lobby. Current laws provide stiff penalties to anyone engaging in illegal trafficking or use of guns. For example, use of a firearm during commission of a felony carries an automatic three year sentence, on average, when convicted in a court of law. With all of these laws and background checks on the books, one would think that gun-related crime would be non-existent. However, the criminals

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