Gs2745 Unit 1 Assignment 1: It Takes Courage

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Why does it take courage to possess and display qualities of persistence and enthusiasm? There are a few different factors that play into courage when it comes to persistence and enthusiasm. Character strengths or the big picture is just one of many. Character strengths are defined as virtues, for example, the virtue of wisdom which can be achieved through strengths such as creativity, curiosity, love of learning, open mindedness, and perspective (Peterson and Seligman, 2004). Most virtues are the core characteristics that are valued by thinkers and philosophers. Wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence are just to name a few of the characteristics. Without courage most people would not have the persistence or enthusiasm to complete anything in life. Courage would almost be considered a guideline to have the want to get anything done. Courage gives people the push when things go wrong. To sum up courage when it comes to persistence and enthusiasm, courage give people the push they need to get things done, to strive not only for excellence, but to become number one. The video I picked was Tom Shannon’s, The Painter and The Pendulum. This short interview was about Tom Shannon who uses an elaborate, but easy set up to paint his masterpieces. Tom created a machine using a pendulum which he referred to as the point between the earth and the sun, a few paint sprayers connected to toy plane motors, and a remote control with sliding dials to paint his pictures. He went by explaining why the pendulum was made the way it was. The way the pendulum was built was on one side the diameter was large while the other side was significantly was smaller. This was so the pendulum could swing in a perfect circle. The reason why Tom came up with this idea was the fascination with the circular motion and blend when using a pendulum to paint.

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