Phi 107 Module 1

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Running head: Morals Morals Amy Lindsay Allied American University Author Note This paper was prepared for PHI 107 Introduction to Ethics, Module 1 Assignment taught by Professor Rob Wolf. PART I Directions: The following problems ask you to evaluate hypothetical situations and/or concepts related to the reading in this module. While there are no "correct answers" for these problems, you must demonstrate a strong understanding of the concepts and lessons from this module's reading assignment. Please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following problems. Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments. Responses that fall short of the assigned minimum page length will not earn any points. 1. You are facing a moral quandary, and you want advice. You must choose either of two advisors, but not both. One is Brenda, who is a very clear and careful thinker, but whose feelings and affections seem limited (you sometimes have the impression that she really cares about no one except herself). The other possible source of advice is Brandon: warm and caring, but he quickly become muddled when trying to think carefully. Whom would you choose as your moral advisor? Please explain why. Your response should be at least one half of one page in length. I honestly don’t know who I would choose as my advisor. On one hand I would like to have Brenda as my advisor, even though she may sometimes throw the impression that she thinks only of herself. Some people don’t know how to channel their emotions so sometime advice can be hard to give but I feel that as long as you can think clearly and carefully there is a good chance you will get some good advice. Brandon on the other hand seems to know how to control his emotions and it seems that he does care a great deal about what you are going through and could possibly give
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