The Significance Of The Enlightenment In America

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The significance of The Enlightenment in America The significance of The Enlightenment in America help shaped America today. The Enlightenment influenced everyone in the 18th century. The concept of The Enlightenment was helped spread by influences of many famous people such as Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, along with many more people. There was many important documents that came out of this era. There also was many new ideas about the universe and the way objects move in on earth and in space. There was groups of people that was affected by the ideas of The Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was helped spread by Sir Isaac Newton by the way he describe how people and objects stay on Earth and how when they jump they come back down to Earth. This new idea was called gravity. There was also the way he describe his studies by proof by experiment and that dealt mostly with light. Newton show an idea of experimentalism, which is the learn for your experience and experiments. Benjamin Franklin helped the spread of The Enlightenment by his work with electricity. He came up with terms we still use today. He came up with the invention of the lighting rod, which we use today to help keep buildings from getting struck with lighting. He came up with the light bulb which North America uses still today. Thomas Jefferson was more of a student than a scientist of the era. He was able to captured the main ideas of The Enlightenment and show them to the world with documents. There was important documents that helped the influence of The Enlightenment. The Principia was written by Sir Isaac Newton, and it used mathematics to explain the governing of the universe. It also explain the laws of motion. The document was written in 1687. Opticks was written by Sir Isaac Newton as well, in 1704 which he explain the meaning of experimentalism. His work had
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