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Team A 1 Team A: How to use a group charter to improve performance Brittney Horton Management 521 Dr. Gail Zwart October 5, 2009 Team A Team A: How to use a group charter to improve performance 2 Group work can be difficult at times but it is very comforting knowing that there are was at making it easy for groups to communicate. The Management 521 class of University of Phoenix online was split into teams and given a team charter to help evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in each team. The ending results were to be used to help the team grow and strengthen themselves with the knowledge of how to effectively come together and get work done. The researcher was given Team A and was told to evaluate their…show more content…
According to the charter, Brett will be a great person at organizing such things as meetings or even notes about assignments. (Aldrich, 2009) Lastly, Brittney Horton’s information was assessed. She also considered herself an effective communicator. She also regarded herself as a good coordinator that does well with illustration. The researcher concluded that she would be good at organizing Power Point Presentations and other visual aides. Brittney’s Jungian results were the same as Brett which were, that she is people oriented, creative, and highly optimistic with publicist, research assistant, playwright, restaurateur, columnist, and conflict mediator as possible jobs. (Horton, 2009) Ms. Horton feels as if she could work on her organization skills as well as Mr. Aldrich and was trusted to be the team leader. Even though she has some reserves, her team showed faith in her ability to listen to the group and work as a team. Aside from assessing Team A’s strength and weaknesses and evaluating their few differences the Team Charter can also be used to set ground rules and state the learning team goals so that it is clear to the entire group. The charter is even effective in setting the rules for how to deal with group conflict. Considering the information on the charter the group can learn each others talents and figure out ways to use them to towards the…show more content…
Team A References Fernandez, Andres. (2009, October 1). Self Assessment Results. Message posted to Horton, Brittney. (2009, October 1). Self Assessment Results. Message posted to 5 Aldrich, Bretton. (2009, October 2). Self Assessment Results. Message posted to

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