A Mentor Can Help You Succeed in Your First Job

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Jared Barr Mr. Drosche Professional Internship 15 April 2011 “A Mentor Can Help You Succeed In Your First Job” The article that I chose for my second professional report, talks about how important it is to have a mentor help guide you through struggles. It talks about how a mentor is more than just a coach; they are someone who has expertise. They can also listen effectively, challenge you to be all you can be, and provide you with a supportive and trusting environment where you can share the issues you’re confronting both personally and professionally. Questions for the mentor would be: who are you, what do you do now, and why do you want to do this? The article was very interesting to me because it mentions good qualities that a good mentor should have. For example, one needs to look for someone who is well-respected and willing to be themselves, someone who has the time to be available, someone who is either really technically smart, and someone who has a great reputation. All of these I thought were excellent examples in searching for the right mentor. I learned that if all goes well with the mentor, then I will develop a fruitful professional relationship with someone who will be not just my trusted counselor and guide, but also my advocate. The interesting thing that came from this article was finding different ways searching for the perfect mentor for someone. I think that that is one of the most important requirements that one needs to know. This article will encourage me to learn more about finding a perfect mentor for someone to have. Work Cited Vogt, Peter . " A Mentor Can Help You Succeed in Your First Job | Monster." Career advice, interview questions, salary comparisons, and resume tips from Monster. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Nov. 2011. <http://career-advice.monster.com/job-search/professional-

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