Green Revolution Dbq

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Before the Green Revolution, there was a need to improve society and the problems it faced. People lived in a world where conditions were horrible, and hunger was a problem for many. The Green Revolution was caused by a need for new and improved food sources to better support countries and its people. It had many positive consequences, such as helping people fight against hunger and allowing in Mexico and India to have richer farms. However, it led to great costs in income and labor. Around 1950-2000, the world faced a great increase in world population, which is one of the reasons that the world was in need of more food sources. It jumped from 3 to 8 billion in just 50 years.(2) The population jumped because people had higher morale and wanted to have children in the future. The need for crop production was fueled by the lack of economic prosperity. This occurred right after World War II, which could explain why “more than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching misery.. Their food is inadequate.” (3) People were faced with little to no food sources and disease. Because of World War II, the lands were fought on and filled with dirt, which was not usable for developing farms. It did not help the prosperity of agriculture in those lands. “The land is tired, worn out, depleted of plant nutrients.”(4) Document 3 is the inaugural address of the US president Harry Truman. As the president, his audience would be the people of other countries wanting him to provide help for them. These positive words would help to raise awareness among all people and lead to quicker solutions for the people’s hunger. Because of this, it led to positive results. “The Green Revolution has won a temporary success in man’s war against hunger and deprivation…” The Green Revolution had many positive consequences such as the worldwide introduction of new, scientifically
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