Green Revolution Dbq

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Green Revolution In the 20th century the food surplus was being out paced by population, which led to mass famine and starvation. With the Green Revolution in place the food supply skyrocketed, and population followed, but the population stayed behind the overall food supply keeping famine and starvation at bay and creating prosperity, for the most part. Despite the fact that the revolution has helped those problems it did have some negative affects mainly regarding the environment. Documents 3,10 and 8 can be grouped together around the idea that the Green Revolution is not the solution to the lack of food supply in the world because all three authors argue that it is a complete failure, that the revolution compromised the actual seed certain countries had been growing for thousands of years, or that the revolution wasn’t what the developing countries needed. In document 3, Harry Truman states that the developing countries not only need but also deserve the support of the developed countries to improve living conditions, food supply, disease control, and economic life. The significance of this article is that the author never states that the Green Revolution is the solution, he only points out that there is a problem and that the developed countries are what can solve it. Document 10 states that the nature of the seed the people of Latin America had been growing for thousands of years has lost respect due to the imposition of the Green Revolution. He later says how the revolution contaminated the seeds as well as the over all environment. The significance of this document is that the author is explaining how the Green Revolution has affected small countries and peoples in a bad manner and that the revolution did not help their situation. Document 8 states essentially that the Green Revolution has been a complete failure based on the fact that it caused water
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