Green Energy Essay

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Speech English: Green energy Hello everyone, I’m going to discuss a subject that is very popular these days: Green energy. We use this term to describe sources of energy, which are considered environmentally friendly. Most of these sources are infinite sources of energy, such as wind power, solar power, hydropower and so on. I’m going to discuss some of them. The first source of green energy I’m going to talk about is wind power. It is one of the most used sources of green energy. As the word wind power says, it is the conversion of wind energy into useful energy such as electricity. Wind turbines or windmills can convert this energy. These turbines are frequently placed in wind parks. This is a collection of many wind turbines. Many people discuss about these parks. Some say these turbines take care of a very troublesome landscape. Wind turbines are machines that are use in big parks with many turbines. Some turbines are so strong that they can provide electricity for more than 1000 families. The most important factor why people use wind energy, is that it is an infinite source of energy. An other factor is that there is no garbage when transformed into electric energy. The only disadvantage is that wind turbines cost a lot of money. E.g. a wind turbine with a performance of 1 Mega Watt cost almost 800 thousand euro. To give you the right vision, a turbine like this can provide electricity for almost 250 families. That gives a total of 3.200 € per family. Another big source of energy that everyone here knows is waterpower. There are many types of how you can convert waterpower into energy. The first one is power from a waterpower centre. Here we doesn’t use wind turbines but water turbines. This sort of energy is must stronger and can also provide energy for more families. Here we don’t talk about Mega Watts, but about Giga Watts. One of these dams is the
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