What Is Not To Drill Persuasive Essay

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To Drill or Not to Drill This is one of the United States biggest debates, and it will continue for years to come. The United States has been using coal, oil and natural gas for their energies. Some people are afraid that these sources will be used up and the United States will be dependent on a foreign country to provide us with these sources. On one hand, the debate is that these three sources have been used for millions of years. Changing to alternative sources would be too expensive. Those that debate a change is needed say that Coal, oil and natural gas is polluting our atmosphere, the air that is breathed and killing wildlife. People will soon run out of these three sources and there should be a backup plan put into action before it is too late. I personally can see both sides; however, I want to see the United States use wind, solar or water for their energy sources. The United States is broke, and we owe so much money to other countries as it is. We have been so reliant on coal, oil and natural gas for heating our homes, businesses, schools, fuel for our vehicles to get us back and forth to work, sporting events, and vacations, airplanes, boats and other means to transport our meat and produce. Many jobs are created and kept because of oil…show more content…
Wind turbines are clean, effective and nonpolluting; however, one cannot predict the speed or direction exactly. The heavier populated areas require more energy. Not enough wind and the turbine will not turn. Wind turbines are noisy, threatens wild life, and is an eye sore along with costly for the initial funding. Solar energy is a non-pollutant, cost effective, maintenance free, life span of up to 40 years; however the upfront cost is enormous, and not everyone can afford the cost to put the stylish panels on their roof tops. Many jobs would be lost at the oil field however more jobs would be created by installing other methods of

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