The Great Climate Flip Flop

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What is a climate flip-flop? Climate change is popularly understood to mean Greenhouse Warming, which, it is predicted, will cause flooding, severe windstorms, and killer heat waves. But warming could lead, paradoxically, to drastic cooling -- a catastrophe that could threaten the survival of civilization. As William H. Calvin writes in “The Great Climate Flip-Flop”,”. We should be concerned about this phenomenon because we never know when the climate may change again it may be cold one minute then next it may be so hot that it may be unbearable to stand. Crops getting destroyed, people falling over because of the heat wave. The word Flip-Flop is used to describe a climate change when it happens. Calvin claims that conditions in the North Atlantic Ocean are at the center of concern over climate flip-flop and here are the conditions and why they were caused and why were they dangers: If the climate switches then it can disrupt the food-supply routine and only two percent of the ninety-eight percent can eat. The system allows for a large urban population in the best of time, but not in the case of widespread disruptions. Hurricanes and earthquakes are less troubling than abrupt cooling. They are short and they are local and regional (Calvin 195), So in saying this no one will be able to rely on food agricultural for even a year or so because they will not be able to keep the climate from destroying the crops. Things are going to get worse in this abrupt cooling system for so many years maybe decades and so much of the earth will be affected by this cooling and when this happens then there is going to be a lot of problems with not only our food supply but out water. The water will have so much salt in the water no one will be able to drink it. When the water is separated from the salt then it cause problem
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