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McKendree University Going Eco-Friendly or Not And How To Approach Going Green This paper will cover McKendree University going green and the approach going green. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) are standards that certify buildings, indoor air quality, and the use of natural lighting. The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is an international organization that limits the use of buildings throughout construction and demolition. The main focus of this discussion will be construction because of the new buildings McKendree is providing within the next few years. The main issues will cover the background of schools going eco-friendly, and the changes the campus has made over the years to help the environment,…show more content…
Schools avoid going green because of the limitations such as high costs of affording the research and work done to go green, and the time it will take for students and instructors embrace going green. McKendree University has made an effort in going green by using different alternatives for lighting in buildings and residence halls. McKendree holds a green team, which involves students raising awareness of going green and understanding the benefit of going green. One of the many responsibilities the green team are recycling drives, students sending e-mails about recycling, and the different types of recycling drives. McKendree is pushing to go green, steadily but effectively. They are raising awareness by participating in electronic recycle drives and recycle challenges in dorm rooms. The information technology department also gives you an option to print double-sided papers. Printing double-sided papers conserves paper and ink cartridge. McKendree has been eco-friendly involved and starting to involve other…show more content…
McKendree University is on track for an eco-friendly campus and community. While still raising awareness to students about recycling and different way of recycling, we must include our buildings to raise awareness. For future study we should conduct student opinions on our campus movement in going green. McKendree should provide students with information on savings and expense differences. These expenses will show students the amount of money saved if students go green. Also, each types of recycling are used on campus, as it is important to examine building life and research behind constructing the buildings. References Luna, D., & Koman, M. (n.d.). Going Green Saves Money. In University Leaders For A Sustainable Future. Retrieved November 14, 2012 Judkis, M. (2008, August 25). How Colleges Are Going Green. In U.S. News Money. Retrieved November 14, 2012 Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). (2013). Eco-Architecture Benefits the Environment. In R. Espejo (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints. Eco-Architecture. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. (Reprinted from Green Building in North America: Opportunities and Challenges, Vol. 16, n.d.) Sentman, S. D. (2013). The LEED Building Standards Protect Human Health. In R. Espejo (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints.

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