Greatest Teacher Ever

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Who is my Greatest Teacher Ever? The concept of choosing a single teacher above all others is a daunting one, I figure I’ve probably had upwards of twenty teachers throughout my school career plus I have had parents and grandparents as well as friends, this of course excludes other teachers that are not physically personified; life, time, success, and failure. But which is the greatest? I believe that the culmination of all my life experiences has educated me to the highest extent. I mean that every day I have been alive on this planet I have learned something new; whether knowledge was handed to me from a teacher at a learning establishment, or if I took apart a device of interest just to see what makes it work, I have gleaned little beads of knowledge from across a broad spectrum of environments and scenarios, never being fed data continuously from a single instructor whom I could label as my favorite. From my perspective there are too many factors and not enough time to consider them. There is also the question of criterion, how to judge them. They all have played a role in my development as an individual, but so much as my family. I have had the benefit of having a relatively sound family as a child, with many relatives and few serious issues. My family certainly has taught me how to be functional on the most basic levels: how to walk, talk, interact with others, and think on my own. They gave me a personality to build upon and have been arguably the most shaping factor in my development as an individual. They gave me life and prepared me for the world. What would I be without them? Lost, confused and dysfunctional, if that. And yet I cannot label any single member of my family, or even my family as a whole, the best teacher I have ever had. My teachers throughout the years have varied, as one might expect, in quality and ability to educate. My earliest

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