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In the article selected, Couple Wins Suit, Doc Didn't Suggest Aborting Baby With Down Syndrome, the author, Rebecca Taylor, discusses a court case in Oregon in which Ariel and Deborah Levy filed a lawsuit against their doctor for failing to let them know that their daughter would be born with Down Syndrome. Taylor's subjectivity comes through in almost every word in type. Carefully chosen phrases such as "$2.9 million for saying you would have killed your child" (Taylor, 2012) leave no room for mistaking the authors opinions. Taylor communicates disdain for the subjects of her article in many ways. It is apparent what her personal beliefs are, even though they are never stated. The article is emotionally charged, eliciting reaction from its readers. Taylor makes no attempt…show more content…
Deborah and Ariel Levy told an Oregon court that prenatal testing they received said little Kalanit did not have Down Syndrome. The Levy said that they were devastated when Kalanit was diagnosed after she was born. $2.9 million for saying you would have killed your child in the womb if you had only known." Having worked in a middle school assisting in special education, I can see this causing a bias and preventing objectivity in certain situations. It will be difficult to avoid subjectivity based on my previous experiences in the field. I know that students with special needs have a particularly challenging time getting through school. My appreciation for this has changed over the past two years. I don’t believe I have the capacity to be a special education teacher, but I will always make time to help and would certainly encourage my students to be a part of anything that is happening in special education. I have assisted with children on all ends of the spectrum of Autism as well as one with Cerebral

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